Diana Sound Entertainment

It is a company that produces music, recordings, mixes, and produces videos

We will try any song with a team of producers divided into different genres.

The recording is done by producers and engineers in each specialty area

with high-end equipment and low budget.

We produce videos from MusicVideo to YouTube planning and photo editing

and corporate commercial projects.

We are very particular about making works!

It is compatible with any genre and has received a lot of reviews.

As for the sound, I try to make a thick and thick sound like not only in Japan but also in other countries.

On top of that, we will make sound to maximize the contouring, realism,

and thoughts contained in the music

We also have two exclusive studios!

Vocal recordings are especially highly regarded.

Business Description

Music production, music production, recording, mixing, mastering

Video production, music school, various concerts and events planned and produced

artist in charge of


Eijiro / FLOW / LOKA / KIHIRO(LOKA.exSupe) / Akino with bless4 / Gacharic Spin /OLDCODEX / SayakaSaeki / PlusOne / TRiDENT / Hinatatokage / GUYZ / Hey!Say!JUMP / Nicholas Edwards / Tomoyo Kurosawa / YuiOgura / AkiOzawa /the Raid. / KokiTanaka(KOKI) / ALL iN FAZE / fleufleu / VIV / Magic//numbeR /

TV broadcast music background music production、CX information presenter Tokudane!、CX series direct hit LIVE Goody、CX series Mr.Sunday /

CX Saturday Premium 「Great song! Genchen FES – Change generations and sing all the hit songs!」

Nichion library Woh!Woh!Energy Voices3(NTX175)

Tachikawa City Jointly Held Castle Festival Theme Song Production / Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters National Singing Sound Source Production

We provide music such as large outdoor festivals, anime music games, theme songs of music amusement facilities, and arrange, produce, and record many bands

business partner

SonyMusic / Victor Entertainment / KING RECORDS / UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN / Warner Music Japan

Avex / 日本クラウン / TEICHIKU ENTERTAINMENT / Tokuma Japan / Lantis /

STARTO ENTERTAINMENT(former Johnny's office) / AMUSE / DIESEL corporation / A-Light /

G-STAR PRO / Plugin Boutique / Loopmasters / andmore

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