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Mizuki Shibata (Hiltamizuki)

women's boxing She is the current WBO Women's World Superflyweight Champion. Born in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture

a member of the Misako boxing gym Kenta Kato style, who is currently in charge of Kenshiro TERAJI, is Southport

She will start her YouTube activities to boost the women's boxing world.

We will show her working hard every day and challenging many other things.

Thank you for your support.

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women's boxing She is the current WBO women's world super flyweight champion.

Mizuki Shibata's YouTube Channel """Mizuki Shibata's Hiltanandez!"""

Filming starts in June and broadcasting starts on YouTube in July

channel name : """Mizuki Shibata's Hiltanandez!"""

maincast : Mizuki Shibata (Hiltamizuki)

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chief director : Tomonori "Hebereke" Sakuma


producer : SHINGOMAN

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